ilos - Brand Identity

I had the great opportunity to join ilos right after college as the Creative Lead. Working at ilos at such an early and lean stage allowed me to work on a variety of projects, from brand identity, UX/UI, and marketing content.

ilos splash.jpg


ilos did not have an identity prior to my first day. All they had was a quick logo, but nothing that related to the brand or product. The first task was to design a mark that would speak the vision, brand, and product.

Before ILOS.jpg


The italic serif type along with the the play button was too literal as a logotype.



I wanted a mark as well as a signature that could be used in multiple areas at the same time, capturing multiple dimensions of ilos.


I started at the core, why ilos was founded and what problem it was actually trying to solve. Ilos is a video platform that brings the video creation process through screen recording, hosting, sharing, and captioning all in one place. If it was synthesized, ilos helps people show and not tell; visual vs text; Instead of sending someone a long email with instructions, that person can send a quick video, being more specific while saving time.

I started with circular elements and then building off of images and shapes of the eye. I wanted to design a mark that would include the idea of capturing images as well as projecting them. I started building off of the profile of the eye. Working with blue and red as the primary colors, blue for the cloud and hosting, red for recording, these colors are seen throughout our application and graphics.

Mood Board


Our eyes capture and project what we see to our minds. This seemed fitting for ilos as a tool to capture what is on our screens.


Not only as an aesthetic choice, but a symbol that describes the unified process of using ilos.


I think the visual element of a projection was important in the final design of the ilos signature.


We have a mark that is used throughout the company and is a reference point for our brand and design.